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  • HoSOggy

    Blog 2 - Building the wiki

    February 17, 2016 by HoSOggy

    I've been slowly working on the wiki by adding information and pages teased by the devs on social media. 

    So far I have created:

    • All known heroes with a short backstory
    • Created a catagory for the heroes at
    • Created pages for three existing locations The Storm Isles, Cities of Steam and Yaoguai Kingdoms
    • Created a catagory for locations at

    The reason why I am added all these pages into catagories is that I am looking to change the wiki's front page. At the moment the front page just has image links to the heroes. In the future once more information about the game is known, the front page will have links to different catagories.

    These are t…

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  • HoSOggy

    Hello my name is Oggy, some of you may remember me as a community member in Mechanist Games' City of Steam. With the announcement of the new Heroes of Skyrealm, I have dedicated my time in creating this wikipedia for the game.

    Because the game is in it's early development, some information may be a placeholder.

    Seeya guys!

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