Attack Melee
Role Defense
Combat Skills
Skills Steam Shield
Servo Stomp
Fury Skills Whirling Wallop
Seismic Smash
Pneumatic Punch

What you need to know


Marked for disassembly, this outdated wartoiler fled the Nexan Republic to seek a wiser master. Proving his worth as a bodyguard and mercenary, Servo transcends the limits of his programming on a daily basis.

Hero Skills

Steam Shield
Servo creates an energy shield, absorbing Physical Damage and converting it into Fury.
A spinning attack that deals damage and decreases enemies' Movement Speed.
Servo Stomp
A mighty stomp that deals damage and pulls enemies closer to Servo.
Whirling Wallop
A hammer attack that deals damage and emits a small tornado.
Seismic Smash
A series of hammer strikes that deals damage and sharply reduces Hyper Armor.
Pneumatic Punc
Servo throws a mighty punch, dealing damage and inflicting Stun for few seconds.

Tips for playing Servo

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