Attack Ranged
Role Support
Nation Nexan Republic
Combat Skills
Skills Mind Shield
Light of Wisdom
Fury Skills Lots of Flame
Lotus of Force
Lotus of Healing

What you need to know


A living mechanical relic of an age long past, Ruvia's restoration was once the talk of the archaelogical world. Although her Arktech expertise has led her into incredible danger, Ruvia's uncanny premonitions give her a serious edge in battle.

Hero Skills

Mind Shield
Ruvia teleports forward, restoring HP and gaining some Fury.
Ruvia creates an explosive orb that detonates after 3 seconds, dealing damage.
Light of Wisdom
A homing projectile that deals damage and causes afflicted enemies to lose Fury.
Lotus of Flame
Ruvia summons an inspiring lotus that increases all allies' Damage and Attack Speed.
Lotus of Force
Ruvia summons a punishing lotus that deals damage to all enemies in range.
Lotus of Healing
Ruvia summons a soothing lotus that restores nearby allies, healing damage HP and removing 1 debuff every seconds.

Tips for playing Ruvia

  • Unlock special buffs through Affinity 

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