Heroes of Skyrealm is a 3D mobile action RPG set in a vibrant world that features a growing cast of over 30 characters.

An empire from a distant world has laid siege to Skyrealm, and no one is safe โ€“ from the defiant pirates of the Storm Isles, to the snowbound tribes of the Worldspine, to the industrial warriors of the Nexan Republic.

But those who dare to resist have discovered an ancient relic: a floating city, the perfect headquarters for a growing rebellion.

A new generation of heroes is here โ€“ and the battle for Skyrealm is about to begin.



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Heroes of Skyrealm Mobile Action RPG โ€“ Prerelease Gameplay Trailer01:51

Heroes of Skyrealm Mobile Action RPG โ€“ Prerelease Gameplay Trailer

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